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    TM Technology’s high-bandwidth fiber-optic communications analog ICs meet the needs for the growing bandwidth of 3C products and strengthen clients’ competiveness

           TM Technology will display a series of Fiber-Optic Solutions for 3C products, Digital Surveillance System and Cloud computing at the 12th Fiber Optics Expo 2012

           TM Technology, Inc. (TM Tech, Taiwan GTSM: 5468) announced the launch of its latest fiber optical communication products and solutions, including: (1) 4.25Gbps fiber-optic communication ICs for Cloud Computing Application, (2) GPON/GEPON ICs for FTTx Optical Network Unit Products, (3) APD Boost & Current Monitor IC for GPON Transciever and (4) Digital Diagnostic Monitor ICx for Optical transceiver/system real time monitoring at the 12th Fiber Optics Expo 2012. Meet TM Tech at Booth No. 28-7, at Tokyo Big Sight during April 11- 13, 2012.

           The 4.25 Gbps i7230 laser driver, i7330/ i7331 limiting amplifier and i7896 digital diagnostic monitor chip that TM Tech has successfully developed mainly target at SONET/ SDH/GbE Switch, Router, 3G/4G cell sites & station and fiber-optic transmission module of Cloud Computing devices.

           In addition, the TM i7520 GPON/GEPON IC integrates laser driver, limiting amplifier and digital surveillance, providing the best solution for last mile telecommunications (FTTx). It extensively enhances transmission bandwidth and breaking the limit of distance, be considered to replace the existing ADSL/VDSL/Cable Modem and STB CPE units in the future.

           TM Tech also offers APD Boost and Current Monitor IC i7990 and burst mode Digital Diagnostic Monitor ICx i7890, offering the entire solutions for GPON/GEPON applications. TM Tech is among the few companies in the world that are capable of developing key ICs for optical communication.

           Due to the increasing demands for data transmission, such as personal videos and digital photos, consumers are not satisfied with the existing transfer rate, thus accelerating the development of fiber-optic technology to be applied to 3C products. With the intensive demand for transmission bandwidth, 3C products will adopt fiber-optic communication in the future, such as Light Peak and Micro-Projector. TM Techn has been dedicated to the integration of electron and photon computing, continuing to develop high-bandwidth (10Gbps/40Gbps) fiber-optic communications analog ICs in order to meet the needs for the growing bandwidth of 3C products, therefore strengthening clients’ competiveness.

           TM Tech constantly develops the latest generation of high-speed chip solutions and strengthens cooperation with upstream and downstream firms. It leverages its long experience in overall systems to develop products and applications that better meet clients’ needs and raise the chipsets’ added-values, enhancing firm’s self-manufactured rate of optical transceiver modules. Besides, TM Tech helps upstream and downstream firms improve their integration ability in transceiver module industry. It provides key components, such as high speed, high efficiency and low power consuming ICs, establishing its leadership in the global optical communication sector.

           TM Tech has been dedicated to developing high-bandwidth fiber-optic communication analog ICs for many years with products adopted for optical transceiver modules. It has won high acclaim from clients, and its accumulated shipments have reached more than 60 million units to make TM Tech the biggest fiber-optic communication analog IC supplier in Asia Pacific, and one of the top-3 in the world. Its product lines include: limiting amplifiers, laser diode drivers and integrated PON ICs. Its fiber-optic communication analog IC models include: 155Mbps IC i7032/i7050/i7051/i7110, 1.25Gbps IC i7070/i7090/i7091, 4Gbps IC i7230/i7330, GEPON IC i7511 and GPON IC i7520.

    About TM Technology

           Founded in July 1994 in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park and merged with iCreate Technologies, Inc. in Oct 2007, TM Technology, Inc. (TM Tech, Taiwan GTSM: 5468) is a fabless semiconductor company with excellent talent and a high-efficiency engineering team. TM Tech has focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance memory ICs, embedded memory, and logic integrated-circuits since the inception. In recent years, TM Tech, as an IC developer who owns Heterogeneous Integration (HI) technologies covering optical communication, LED lighting driver and USB flash memory, has successfully steered and developed system integrated ICs, such as: mixed-signal ICs for fiber optical communication, drivers ICs for LED lighting, USB 3.0/ USB 2.0 flash memory controller ICs for high bandwidth connectivity.

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